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Sweeney Dodge


About us: Established in early 2020, Sweeney Dodge set out to be a clothing line for fighters. Being in a group of fighters with a love for combat sports, the brand quickly pivoted to becoming a leading fight protective equipment for all combat sports.

We focus on comfort, quality and durability when we create our fight equipment and clothing.

Daryl Dodge


A Barber by trade and an avid MMA fan, Sweeney Dodge Fightwear founder Daryl Dodge first launched the brand in 2020, before the pandemic forced him to put his plans on hold. Training at Gracie Barra Southend and BKK Fighters Daryl loves to train and regularly attend MMA events. Daryl really wants to take the brand and make it the best in the industry.

Paul Stafford


Paul or 'Staffy' is the graphic design, marketing, website and social media specialist who has helped take the Sweeney Dodge Fightwear brand to the next level - striving to make it one of the top Combat Sports Equipment brands in the UK. Staffy also has very keen interest in Muay Thai and is an instructor at a gym in Lincoln, teaching and training fighters of all ages to keep fit and to fight as amateurs and professionals all over the world. Looking forward to taking Sweeney Dodge Fightwear brand to bigger and better things!